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Learn more about improving your diversity with skills-based hiring

If you’re facing a shortage of talented female engineers, you might be looking in the wrong places. Most recruiters rely on pedigreed universities, referrals or brand names. But numerous studies demonstrate that resumes place women at a disadvantage due to unconscious bias.

There’s a better way to find talent than by a piece of paper.

At HackerRank, we help you discover talent that’s often overlooked by focusing on skills. We’d love to tell you about proven methods to:

  • Eliminate bias at the first step of the interview
  • Reach thousands of untapped developers
  • Widen your talent pool without traditional resumes

"With HackerRank, our engineering intern team ended up increasing its gender ratio to 50% women.”

Neal Rosenblum, Director of Talent Acquisition @ WePay

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