Building Diverse & Inclusive Engineering Teams
Practical advice from leaders at Box and Airtable

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How do you design a truly fair remote hiring process to evaluate developer candidates? We all have unconscious biases that creep into the selection process. Unconscious biases are our brain’s way of organizing large quantities of information, but can result in missing highly qualified candidates based on blunt proxies, like the pedigree of their education or brand names on their resume.

Watch this on-demand webinar where Gaurav Verma, Chief Customer Success Officer at HackerRank, discusses best practices for building diverse and inclusive engineering teams with Albrey Brown, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Lead at Airtable, and Prabitha Ganesh, Director of Platform Infrastructure at Box.

During this Q&A chat, you will learn:

  • How to devote the right amount of bandwidth to your program
  • Ways to balance program formation with team productivity
  • Actionable advice for making the most impact in your organization


Prabitha Ganesh

Director, Platform Infrastructure
Albrey Brown

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Lead
Gaurav Verma

Chief Customer Success Officer
Robert Banning

Director of Marketing Communications
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Speaker Name

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