Webinar On-Demand: Why Tech Screens Fail

About Event

Identifying and engaging talent is only half the battle in today’s highly competitive job market. Speed-to-hire has never been more critical -- funnel attrition is happening at an alarming rate, especially when it comes to highly sought-after technical talent. Assessment tools are an excellent solution that can speed up candidate processing and limit the need for humans to handle every round of the interview process. However, there are associated challenges you will need to consider as you onboard assessment automation.

We invite you to watch our most recent webinar, as Ron Fish, AVP and Head of Talent Acquisition at emids, explores the process of automated technical screening, the reasons the process go awry, and what can be done to avoid failure and disappointment.

Key takeaways of this session will include:

  • Implement assessment automation while maintaining an optimal candidate experience
  • Strategically partner with hiring stakeholders to demonstrate value to candidates
  • Learn how to increase applicant participation and limit funnel attrition at the automated assessment stage
  • Retain the “Human Factor” in your technical assessment process

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