HackerRank Roundup

June 2020


Remote interviewing has become a necessity for growing teams. In this month’s newsletter, we’ve focused on helping you refine your remote interviewing using CodePair. Start with our introduction to CodePair. It explores key functionalities for use in remote interviews, plus advice on how new users can get started.


Standardizing Interview Questions


Designing standardized interviews is key to making skills-based, unbiased hiring decisions. Help interviewers conduct consistent interviews by following this process.


Assessing System Design Skills with CodePair

System design interviews are a key component of the developer hiring process. This in-depth walkthrough shows how to use CodePair to conduct system design interviews from afar.


We’re Ready to Help

Whether you need documentation, videos, training or support to get started using CodePair, we’ve got you covered. Just let us know and we’re ready to assist.

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